Both the longtime experience of our breeders and the certificated performance data of our goats contribute to the genetic evaluation. Hence our Austrian breeding goats are high- performing, very fertile and of certified descent.

Saan Goats

Our insemination rams offer the highest standards of breeding quality. Their semen meets the highest veterinary requirements and ensures that their offspring are ready to perform.
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Mountain Goats

The majority of the genetic conservation breeds in Upper Austria are Gemsf. Gebirgsziegen, followed by Tauernschecken, Pinzgauer goats, Pfauen goats, Blobe goats.
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Toggenburg goats

The Toggenburg goat is light brown to mouse gray. The rear body is covered with a long-haired 'coat'. The lower legs and the area around the anus are white. Light stripes run from the lighter ears to the white mouth. Both hornless and horned, it is adorned with a beard and 'bells'. 
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