Euter, AT 829.062.170

His dam "AFFKA Rille" is an absolutely strong conformation goat with Swiss pedigree and top qualities...

Euter, AT 618.480.760

His dam "AFFKA Rille" is an absolutely strong conformation goat with Swiss pedigree and top qualities...

Exterieur, AT 258.185.980

An absolutely strong buck! Fredo" is a very solid conformation sire. Both...

Exterieur, AT 846.228.880

Despite his young age, this buck impresses with his good pedigree on both sides.

Sam eh
Exterieur, AT 228.018.380

Sam comes from the Stanly line. This line impresses with its balanced individual breeding values and very high collateral value....

Milchmenge, AT 381.715.240

His mother is an exceptional goat. Three of her sons are in the top 40...

Milchmenge, NL 100052787441

Adema comes from one of the best sire lines in Holland. His father Sido has been at the top of the...

Exterieur, DE 71.046.563

This German buck impresses with his enormous frame and strong bone structure. His dam Anelie...

Allrounder, AT 790.977.740

Like his dam, the buck bred from "Petra" and "Eros" impresses with his...

Exterieur, AT 375.585.340

The Pasha son, from the Patros-Rogge line (on his father's side), comes from one of Austria's most proven buckskin lines. The...

Lebensleistung, AT 383.500.430

A buck whose genetics are based on Swiss bloodlines on his father's side. His sire Amor...

Euter, AT 584.518.230

His daughters are a joy and make breeders' hearts beat faster. Saverio, a top sire bred from Stanley,...

Exterieur, AT 764.939.430

If you are looking for a balanced sire, GH Sam is the right choice.

Inhaltsstoffe, NL 100149942508

This buck delivers top quality. The milk and fat values on the dam's side are particularly impressive.

Burton M
Milchmenge, NL 100149242578

Both the paternal and maternal line have been at the top of the list for years.

Milchmenge, AT 180.400.440

A solid buck with top genetics. He impresses with both his Swiss ancestors ...

Exterieur, NL 100136624224

Montana descends from one of Holland’s best lines. With his top ranking in genetic evaluation, he is living proof of the theory of inheritance. This buck is line-bred. His great-great-grandfather on the paternal side is the same sire as his grandfather on the maternal side.

AT 10.087.667.280

This buck comes from a Dutch line that scores with high milk yield and balanced ingredients. Sire...

Claudius eh
AT 618.880.680

Ein Jungbock mit interessanter Abstammung: Vater „Claasmo“ ist ein echter Milch-vererber. Muttervater „Abendwind“ machte sich…

Bucky eh
Exterieur, AT 517.205.380

Dieser „Bokido“-Enkel überzeugt mit seinen großrahmigen Töchtern und sehr guten Milchinhaltsstoffen. Wirft man einen Blick…


Vater Gijs ist in den letzten Jahren immer in den Top ten der Zuchtwertschätzung. Er…

Milchmenge, AT 331.974.980

Morres ist ein Produktions-Vererber mit guten Inhaltsstoffen. Diese Linie sollte auf überdurchschnittlich starke Exterieur-Vererber eingesetzt…